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52 wonders

We provide fulfillment solutions for playing card companies and individuals. Our fulfillment centre is located in Berlin, Germany. This central location allows for no import taxes and incredibly fast shipments around Europe and the globe, meeting your clients demand for rapid shipment.





16.9 Playing Cards Arrived

1.10.20 Fulfillment P-1 Complete

28.10.20 Fulfillment P-2 Complete

13.11.20 Fulfillment P-3 Complete


11.9 Playing Cards Arrived

15.12 Fulfillment Completed


8.2020 Stickers, Cloths, Coins, Books, Card Guard, Bags Arrived

9.10.20 Fulfillment Part 1 Completed.

3.11.20 Uncut Sheets Shipped

22.12.20 Fulfillment Part 2 Completed


30.12.20 All Products Arrived

07.01.21 Fulfillment Completed

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Packages are shipped out frequently except weekends and holidays. Same Day Delivery in Berlin is possible. Please make sure that your address are written with latin alphabet and phone number for international shipping ( outside of Germany ) is required!


Shipping Zones in Europe:

  • Estimated Delivery 5-7 Days

EU1: Belgium, Austria, Luxemburg, Poland, Netherland, Czech Republic.

  • Estimated Delivery 7-10 Days

EU2: Italy, Denmark, Slovania, Slovakia, France, Hungary, Croatia, Romania, Spain

  • Estimated Delivery 10-14 Days

EU3 & Rest Europe: Portugal, Sweden, Finnland, Greece, Latvia, Cyprus, Estonia, Ireland, Lithuania, Malta,
UK, Norway, Switzerland, Lichtenstei, Russia.

Delivery with Tracking Number:


Notification emails for all of the packages, which are shipped with tracking number, track & sign, will be sent right after shipping label’s created. 

Packages, which include 5 decks or more will often reach most destinations in EU within 4 - 7 days.
Small Packages, which include 1-4 decks, it will take 5-14 days for them to be delivered. That depends on in which zones of Europe you live.

The more decks you pre-order, the faster you will get them.

You can track your package from the notification email or here on this website. If you don’t receive your package after 4 weeks, please contact us immediately!
After 6 months, start from the shipping date ( informed above ),  the package would be considered lost without further investigations.

If you don't see your shipping notification email with tracking number, please check your Spam Folder or contact us directly!



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